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The 5 Coolest Woodworking Projects for the Whole Family

Nothing quite compares to spending some quality time with the whole family. Whether it is around the dinner table or watching a movie together, these times are special and precious. Times have changed however and kids nowadays, from a very young age are exposed to sitting with digital devices and hardly get to go out in the open air and work with their hands.

We’re here to tell you that it doesn’t have to be that way, at all! Why not involve the kids in everyday activities and chores around the house? Get them to help you work in the garden or fix the squeaky door or maybe to paint the house. Kids love spending time with parents and what better way to do it than have everyone making an item everyone could enjoy?

In this post we take a look at 5 of the coolest woodwork projects that you can do at home with the kids. We cannot stress enough that these projects should always be done with the help of an adult. If larger tools are needed, an adult should use it. Enjoy!


A Snazzy Birdhouse for the Garden

Get the kids excited about building a home for the birds in your garden! Obviously this is a more complex project, so adult supervision and help with cutting and sawing is compulsory. Firstly, you’ll need to draw a plan. Ask the kids to draw a birdhouse and work from there. Keeping it as simple as possible, of course.

Secondly, according to the plan you draw, you’ll need to go buy some supplies. To give you a rough idea, you will need four squares of plywood, a rod, some nails, and of course a chain to hang it. Follow these instructions and you should be done in no-time.

Once the pieces of wood have been sanded and put together, you can get the kids to pick a colour and paint it! A perfect project for a Saturday morning.


A Handy Crayon Holder

What better way to teach your kids to keep their things neat and tidy and organised than having them help you make a very handy crayon holder for them? This one is also not for little’uns hands, so please make sure you are assisting them every step of the way.

You will need some heavy duty tools to make the holder, as well as three pieces of wood, some clamps, wood filler and whatever you want to decorate it with. Simply follow the steps as stipulated here.

It is advisable that you do the heavy lifting on this one. The kids can help with the sanding and decorating afterwards, personalising it to their own liking!


Natural Wooden stamps for Arts and Crafts

What do kids adore more than sweets? Colouring and painting, of course! These plans will allow you to help your kids create the funkiest stamps to fill their days with artsy fun. And it is super easy. All you need is a decent (thickish) branch, a saw (to saw the branch in four pieces), a hammer, nail, screw, nut, chisel and some sanding paper.

After you have cut the branch into separate pieces, have the kids help you sand it. Then, using the tools as stipulated above, make indents in the wood by hammering it in the wood. This will give your stamps a unique pattern. Once you’ve got your pattern, sand it again a bit and off you go! To stamp heaven.


An awesome hide-out tent

Kids love to camp out and just be out in the open. Why not get them to help you make their very own tent? What’s neat about this project, is that with their help they will have a tent for themselves that can look whatever way they want.

You will need four pieces of wood, a dowel, some fabric, ribbon, and a drill to get all the pieces to fit snug together. Your kids will love this special project, and you will have some extra quality time with them while making it!


Fun storage basket made out of offcuts and wooden rulers

This project is versatile, and can be made as a storage unit for the kids in their bedroom, or even something made as a gift. But we are pretty sure the kids would want to keep it close-by just because of the fact that it is their own handy work on display!



Follow these instructions and you should be done, quick sticks. All you need to make this storage case is 6 wooden rulers, 3 pieces of plywood cut into the correct dimensions, sanding paper, wood glue and nails to fasten everything together. So much fun for the whole family. If the kids are keen, they can even paint it whichever colour they want, just add their own personal touch!

We hope that this post has inspired you to get the kids involved in some fun DIY projects at home. More often than not kids will thank you for the time and effort you take to make handy things with them.

7 Questions You Must Ask a Swimming Pool Contractor Before Hiring Him

Everyone loves having a swimming pool at home, especially for those long summer days when you just need to go for a quick dip to cool down. Building one might be a whole other story altogether, and can be quite stressful. Finding the right contractor is key to getting the pool you’ve always wanted. But how do you go about doing that? With a simple interviewing process, of course!

We’ve got the experience and know exactly what to look for in a professional and reliable swimming pool contractor. In this post, we will take a quick look at standard questions you should ask any and all swimming pool contractors before committing to the one who has to do the job.

If you would like to read more handy tips on home building, contractors or even home renovations, scooch on over to our blog for a wealth of articles on any home building-related topic you can think of!


#1 How many years’ experience do you have?

Probably an obvious question but definitely one not to forget to ask. Knowing your contractor’s experience level is very important as this will give you a pretty good idea of their abilities and shortcomings.

Remember, you probably thought long and hard before deciding to build a swimming pool. You probably weighed the pros and cons and considered the fact that it would add some value to your property.

Make sure the swimming pool contractor you hire has enough experience to meet your needs and actually add value to your property (and ultimately daily life). Otherwise, you may end up with an eyesore that no one wants to use, or worse decreases the value of your property!


#2 Do you have references that I can contact?

Your next step is to ask whether the contractor has references that you can call up. Obviously, no reference is a very clear indication that this is not the company you want to go with, at all!

Having a list of contactable references means that the contractor has done his time, has enough experience, and is proud of his accomplishments. It also indicates that there are customers who would want to refer him to someone else.

If you do manage to get a list of references, be sure to give some of the folks a call and hear what they have to say about the contractor. Ask them if they are happy with his work and overall experience in dealing with the company.


#3 Do you have a portfolio I can have a look at?

If it is a smaller company, they might even be able to show you some photos or refer you to former building sites. Larger companies should have a web presence where you will be able to view work completed in leisure.

If however, you are dealing with a single contractor, it wouldn’t hurt to ask to have a look at previous work done. A proud contractor would not have a problem in showing you his previous work. Once you’ve had a look at the portfolio, you should have an idea of his capabilities and whether you want to use him.


#4 What is the timeline for completing the project?

Whether you are building a house, a shed, or a pool, there should be some time frame you have to consider for things being out of place. Also, it would give you an idea of how long you would have to wait for your brand new swimming pool to be complete!

Any swimming pool contractor worth his salt would be able to give you a clear indication of how long it could take to complete building the pool of your dreams. Don’t be shy, just ask! If there is no clear answer, it’s pretty clear that the person is not experienced enough to trust with the job at hand.


#5 Would you include maintenance after the job is completed?

Making sure your new swimming pool could be a full-time responsibility and a headache, especially if you don’t have the time or resources to keep it squeaky clean and perfect.

The majority of contractors out there will most probably include pool maintenance services in their service offering, but we would advise you to make sure that you would be eligible to get the service from the same contractors responsible for building the pool in the first place!


#6 Would the service agreement include a warranty?

One that also may be overlooked is the question of warranties and whether this is included in the contract with the contractors.

Even though it is unlikely that there will be any mishaps after the pool is built, it is always best to think of future mishaps that may happen and that could be as a result of bad workmanship. If the contractor does not offer a warranty, perhaps discuss the possibility of drawing one up, just to protect both parties.


#7 Can you give me a cost estimate?

Probably the question on your lips from the get-go, but best to leave for last. Having a very vivid idea of what the whole ordeal is going to cost at the end of the day, will allow you to plan ahead and draw up a complete budget for this specific purpose.

Knowing exactly what the cost can amount to will also give you an idea of just how much value you have added to your property by installing a swimming pool.

So there you have it! All the important questions to get out of the way before starting on that exciting project of adding a swimming pool to your house. We hope that you’ve found the article helpful and that you will enjoy the summer days, floating around in your very own pool!

If you need some inspiration for your dream pool, head on over to River Pools and Spas to view some amazing swimming pool designs!


info - 7 Questions You Must Ask a Swimming Pool Contractor Before Hiring Him
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The 27 Best WordPress Themes for Home Builder and Contractors

Getting yourself out there and noticed by prospective clients can be rather difficult, especially if you don’t have the time or the knack for it. Lucky for you, we’ve compiled an extensive list of WordPress themes you can use to build your own website and get noticed and build your client base in no-time. All the sites we recommend are so easy to set-up, you won’t even need a developer to get started!

For more handy marketing tips for your building or contracting company, head on over to our blog where you’ll get the very best in marketing tips for your business.

But, we digress. Let’s get started and help you in choosing the best WordPress theme for your business’ online presence straight away!


1 - The 27 Best WordPress Themes for Home Builder and Contractors
1. General Contractor
This theme is designed with labor service top-of-mind and caters for any contracting, handyman or building professional’s needs. Guide users easily with a contact and request a quote function displayed at the top of the page.

The design is responsive, meaning your prospective clients will be able to easily navigate whether they are using desktop, tablet or smartphone devices. What’s more is you are even able to customise elements such as color and menu display. Wow! What more can a contractor ask for?


2 - The 27 Best WordPress Themes for Home Builder and Contractors
2. Cast
Cast is one of those WordPress themes that is super easy to use with so many customisable options that allows you to have a look and feel and layout that portrays your business in the best way possible!

The theme is fully responsive and allows you to adapt the color and layout to the desired look. With amazing features and industry-specific icons, your company will stand out from the rest when you use Cast as your go-to WordPress theme for your website.


3 - The 27 Best WordPress Themes for Home Builder and Contractors
3. Melville
Showcase your latest projects with a sleek and sexy grid design. Even though this theme is more geared toward architects, it is also the perfect theme for builders. The simple layout and design allow you to customise the look to fit your needs and even offers e-commerce functionality that is built-in.


4 - The 27 Best WordPress Themes for Home Builder and Contractors
4. Construction PRO
Wow, where to begin? Construction PRO is the WordPress theme geared toward the technical service industry and can be used by carpenters, builders, plumbers and the list goes on! This amazing theme offers multiple of benefits, with an easy to use drag-and-drop feature ensuring you have hassle-free web building to showcase your professional services.


5 - The 27 Best WordPress Themes for Home Builder and Contractors
5 .Construction Company WordPress Theme
Responsive design allows your customers to access your site from whichever device they desire, fully customisable features allows you to have it all and more! The Construction Company WordPress Theme is even multilingual ready, which means you get to reach customers in their desired language. This theme is perfect if you wish to show off your skills with your amazing portfolio in grid-format and keep customers updated with all the latest company news.


6 - The 27 Best WordPress Themes for Home Builder and Contractors
6. Constructent
The features of Constructent will leave you in awe. Simplified web design allows you to create the perfect web presence for your building or construction company. Easily change the colors and menu options to suit your brand image, with the peace of mind knowing that your best foot is put forward and you’ll have an excellent SEO score with added compatible plugins.


7 - The 27 Best WordPress Themes for Home Builder and Contractors
7. CustomHouse
With CustomHouse you are able to use a simplistic yet beautifully professional look and customise it with your company logo and preferred colour scheme. The theme is designed for optimal performance that enhances user experience. It features plenty of great features like integrated Google maps, contact form, and so much more!


8 - The 27 Best WordPress Themes for Home Builder and Contractors
8. We Build
The world is your oyster and layout options endless when you stick with the We Build WordPress theme. With a choice of over 14 layouts, you can showcase your company in the most desirable way. The theme is easy to install, and easier to customise, which means you really don’t have to sweat the small stuff. With unlimited options when it comes to menus, colours and fonts, you can rest assured your company will look its best when discovered on the web.


9 - The 27 Best WordPress Themes for Home Builder and Contractors
9. Recover
Easy to use drag-and-drop page builder allows you to build your dream website and customise it just the way you want it. The Recover WordPress theme has loads to offer, including endless header and footer options, more than 53 visual editor elements, and over 300 theme options within the theme itself, making it the most customisable WordPress theme for builders and contracting businesses out there!


10 - The 27 Best WordPress Themes for Home Builder and Contractors
10. Bridge
Even though Bridge was not specifically designed for construction or building companies, the theme is so flexible, literally, any industry can use it. The creators’ modus operandi was to create a simplistic, user-friendly and beautifully designed theme that can be customised to fit anyone’s needs. Showcase your portfolio in a grid format, have clients request quotes or even sell products online. Whatever your heart desires for your very own website, with Bridge the sky’s the limit.


11 - The 27 Best WordPress Themes for Home Builder and Contractors
11. Renovation
With features like a revolution slider, retina support and responsive design, there really is nothing not to love about the Renovation theme. You are even spoiled with an easy to follow help file in video format, just in case you hit a snag and need some help in customising your amazing new website. Your layout and colour choices are endless, which means you are able to make the theme rock your company’s look.


12 - The 27 Best WordPress Themes for Home Builder and Contractors
12. Structure
Choose your favourite out of 15 home pages, and customize your site from there! You’ll be able to choose from 16 colours and 6 header options, and your site won’t take forever to load. Prospective clients won’t leave the site too soon either, because of fantastic user experience and responsive design. Other extras include MailChimp integration and a fully functional contact form as well as the option to utilise the site for e-commerce purposes.


13 - The 27 Best WordPress Themes for Home Builder and Contractors
13. Constructzine
This simple theme allows unlimited choice of colours, is easily customisable and includes custom theme widgets like social media buttons. Constructzine is also compatible with all web browsers and responsive, and with the additional functionality to localise your audience grows instantly. Introduce your prospects to your team of professional builders, showcase your portfolio and entice them to contact you directly with a sleek designed contact form.


14 - The 27 Best WordPress Themes for Home Builder and Contractors
14. Brick
Display your company’s amazing services and products with this amazing WordPress theme. You’ll love all the features and elements, which is easy to implement yourself! Not only is it easy for you to use and update, customers are able to visit your site from any device and browser. Showcase your best work with the portfolio feature, the sleek design allows users to easily access your contact page.


15 - The 27 Best WordPress Themes for Home Builder and Contractors
15. Spectrum
Get the most out of your online presence with Spectrum. The theme is fully responsive, features a revolution slider to wow your site visitors, includes photoshop files for you to choose and use as you please, and has a testimonial feature. Showcase your best work, have satisfied customers’ reviews readily available, and prospects contact you easily with an eye-catching contact form.


16 - The 27 Best WordPress Themes for Home Builder and Contractors
16. Konstruct
Whether you want a static home page, or a magazine-style home page, the choice is yours if you go with Konstruct! This theme features premium slider functionality, is fully responsive, ready to translate into at least 26 languages, and super easy to install with only one click. Choose your favourite from 9 different header options and make your company stand out from the crowd. Showcase your work with the best visual features for you and your company.


17 - The 27 Best WordPress Themes for Home Builder and Contractors
17. uDesign
As the name states, this theme allows literally anyone to quickly and easily design and build a website. So whether you have programming experience, or no idea about code at all, you will be able to build your very own beautiful website in no-time. Customise your site with more than 200 fonts to choose from, reach your clients on any device with the theme’s responsive design. It also offers an added security captcha for those completing contact forms.


18 - The 27 Best WordPress Themes for Home Builder and Contractors
18. ReConstruction
Choose between 4 demos, whichever suits your needs best, and customise from there. This theme really offers a lot in terms of functionality, and even allows your prospects to calculate what their quote can look like with the fully customisable quote calculator and booking option. Choose your favourite header out of 4, and make your company stand out from the crowd.


19 - The 27 Best WordPress Themes for Home Builder and Contractors
19. BuildPress
Your mind will be blown with the ease-of-access of the BuildPress theme. Main features include a drag and drop page builder which allows anyone to build the perfect professional website of their dreams. The theme is fully customisable which means your company will look its absolute best. The theme is responsive across all browsers and devices, which means your clients will have no problem navigating their way from your homepage to the contact form on any device.


20 - The 27 Best WordPress Themes for Home Builder and Contractors
20. Constain
Easily build your dream website to get your construction company on the map with the Constain WordPress theme. The theme features fully customisable layouts, fonts and colours. The theme is also fully responsive across all devices and you are able to include customisable sidebars and sliders. When you decide on Constain, you will also have access to 24/7 support and an easy to follow help file.


21 - The 27 Best WordPress Themes for Home Builder and Contractors
21. Everglades
Choose your best work to showcase in the best way possible with a variety of portfolio layout options. The theme is fully customisable and your options of colours and fonts are endless, it really is up to you on what your company’s image will look like out there. The theme is also fully responsive and supports woocommerce which means you are even able to sell products. What’s not to like about Everglades theme?


22 - The 27 Best WordPress Themes for Home Builder and Contractors
22. Developer
Your customers will be able to find you easily with an integrated Google Maps functionality, but that is not the only thing that is great about the Developer theme. This theme will also allow you to customise your site to look exactly the way you want it to, with an easy to use and intuitive page builder, your options are endless and the end product is guaranteed to look polished and professional.


23 - The 27 Best WordPress Themes for Home Builder and Contractors
23. Megatron
You will be spoilt for choice with more than 20 demo homepages to pick and choose from. This versatile theme is suitable for any industry, and you will be able to showcase your completed projects in a neat and classy way. You’ll have access to more than 1000 icons, a string of fonts and colours and a user friendly drag and drop page builder. Needless to say, this theme has it all!


24 - The 27 Best WordPress Themes for Home Builder and Contractors
24. SKT Construction Lite
Build your online presence with SKT Construction Lite – the theme offers 5 slides in the default slider, packing a visual punch. Showcase your work with a sleek portfolio, and customise the colour to whatever suits the image of your company. The theme also supports multilingual functionality, and you will have access to pre-installed plugins such as a contact form and gallery.


25 - The 27 Best WordPress Themes for Home Builder and Contractors
25. Blackstone
With Blackstoned you will have multiple of features at your feet. Enjoy access to multiple icons and fonts, with sliders and woocommerce functionality built-in. Easily build your online presence with Blackstone and get the word out to prospective customers that you are in business. You are even able to customise your page layout to suit your business needs.


26 - The 27 Best WordPress Themes for Home Builder and Contractors
26. TheBuilt
The sky’s literally the limits when you decide on going with the TheBuilt WordPress theme. This amazing theme offers endless options including the choice between a variety of homepage layouts and multiple header options. It includes the option to add a dedicated portfolio page to showcase your most recent work. Apart from all that, you are kit and geared with Google fonts, meaning you get to pick the font that best suits your company.


27 - The 27 Best WordPress Themes for Home Builder and Contractors
27. Billio
This one is geared towards the big wigs and corporates, but a smashing WordPress theme nonetheless. Enjoy features such as a recruitment page, company portfolio, and annual report. Apart from that, it also offers the option to integrate woocommerce, you have access to more than 600 fonts for customisation, and so much more! For a professional online presence, you won’t be disappointed when you stick with Billio.

We hope you’ve enjoyed our extensive list of the best WordPress themes for home builders and contractors and that you already have a theme you wish to use for your site! Happiness in building your very own website!

Make Your Autumn Productive! Easy Home Improvement Projects for You

Autumn is one of my favorite seasons. Everything because a lovely auburn color! Other than tasting your Nth serving of pumpkin pie, there are fairly simple home improvement projects that you can do.

That’s what we’ll be discussing today!

Cleaning out the gutters

Autumn can be kind of chore in the sense that you can expect leaves and twigs to show up on your roof and eventually your gutters. With winter following, it’s important that your gutters are clean and in prime condition.

Make use of a ladder and clear out any gunk you see that can potentially clog up your gutter. You will be certainly happy that you did that before winter (and future leaks) arrives. While you’re up there, check to see if your roof needs some attention too. If you spot any issue, fix them right away. That way you save yourself from winter problems.

Finding and sealing any leaks or holes in the home

It’s important to check your HVAC pipes or tubes. When leaks occur there, mold shortly follows. Check your doors, windows, walls, and the sides of windows. If you spot any small holes, it’s crucial that you plug those up immediately.

Heating can cost a lot of money and you’ll be saving yourself from a giant bill later on. You can make use of caulk or even a weatherstripping to fix any air leaks or holes around doors or windows.

Repainting a small subject

This can be windows or even just your front door. A new color can significantly add to your home’s overall look. Autumn is a great time to get this done as it is not as warm as summer nor as cold and inconvenient as the dead of winter. Spring is often still too cold and the moisture in the air isn’t friendly when it comes to drying paint.

A painting project is something that can help you feel productive in a season where being laid back in the norm.

Address any overgrown lawn issues

When your lawn is overgrown, it serves as an instant invitation for critters to move in and settle before winter comes. Rake any leaves lying around. If you’ve got any herb projects going on, this is a perfect time to harvest the grown ones. It’s a good way to lay in the groundwork for future plant projects.

If you’ve got any trees that really need a trimming, address the ones you can. However, I suggest that if there are major tree trimming spots necessary, don’t put yourself and your property at risk. Call in an expert to help you with tree trimming.

Clean out your carpets

Summer isn’t exactly the best time to clean carpets; neither is winter. So autumn is the best time to get some air into your home to ventilate the carpets. You can even bring them out and shake them out and leave to air out. This is a great way to remove any dirt that’s been clinging on.

Happy cleaning!

Not Everything Requires a Major Project! Simple Home Repairs Anyone Can Do

A common misconception that a lot of homeowners have is that when something breaks, it is automatically necessary to call in an expert. While I’m not saying that you should never call in experts, there are certain repairs that anyone can do. Let’s breakdown some of them!

Unclogging the toilet

1 - Not Everything Requires a Major Project! Simple Home Repairs Anyone Can Do
While not the most glamorous of jobs, it’s also something that’s fairly simple. All you’ll really need is a good plunger. A common issue is using the wrong kind of plunger to fix a toilet clog. While most people are familiar with the suction-cup form of a plunger, a toilet plunger needs something a bit extra.

A good toilet plunger will come in two potential forms: one that’s ball-shaped and one that has a fold-out bottom. These are effective because they form a sort of a seal in the crucial area.  Just a few well placed downward thrusts and the clog should clear up with a good plunger.

How do you know you’re successful with the task?

First off, if the clog is gone, you’ll see the water drain away. However, it has often been seen that the plunging action will drain the bowl yet the clog persists. If you see that happen, you can just fill up the bowl with enough water to submerge the cup and keep plunging away.

A true test of success is flushing the toilet. If there are no issues, then congratulation! You’ve just unclogged your toilet!

Replacing your showerhead

2 - Not Everything Requires a Major Project! Simple Home Repairs Anyone Can Do
This is often a quick and simple way to give your bathroom an upgrade. If your old showerhead has been showing issues, replacing it is a good fix.

First off, turn off your water main. It simply will not do to have water spraying everywhere. Next, make use of a wrench to remove the old shower head. Applying some Teflon tape is a good way to add a couple of layers of security for the incoming showerhead.

You can read any instructions that on the packaging of the new showerhead. After you’ve secured the Teflon tape, it’ll be time to install the replacement. Most of the time, using your hand to tighten it is enough. If it isn’t, you can use a wrench—but be very careful about it. Avoid tightening the new head too much as it may pop off when the water comes back on.

Lastly, turn the water back on and test your new showerhead. Are there any leaks? If you find any, try to tighten the head a bit more and do the test again. If there aren’t any leaks, congratulations! You’ve just replaced your showerhead!

Dealing with squeaky hinges

3 - Not Everything Requires a Major Project! Simple Home Repairs Anyone Can Do
This applies to all doors and windows in a home. Squeaky hinges can be really annoying over time. The treatment is really simple.

All you need to do is to lift the hinge pin a bit and use your trusted lubricant of choice. Some people make use of WD-40. If the squeak returns, just apply the lubricant again and your problems are solved!

No One Wants Moldy Shorts! How to Keep Your Bathroom Clear of Mold

A lot of homeowners try to make their homes as pleasant as possible. They want everything to be homey and a wonderful place to live in. One of the parts of the house that usually gets extra love is the bathroom. After all, it’s a great place to unwind after a busy day.

What a lot of homeowners may not realize is that they’re not the only ones enjoying the bathroom. When a place gets a lot of moisture and not a lot of ventilation, you end up with mold.

What is mold?

It is an often furry fungus that grows really fast and spreads really far. While mold can be found almost anywhere in a home, the most consistent place is the house bathroom.

Heath Risk

When you get exposed to mold and damp environments, it can seriously affect your health and well-being. Mold usually becomes airborne after a set amount of time. These can end up being inhaled by homeowners and their pets.

While the effects may vary from person to person, over prolonged periods of time, the overall health is indeed affected. It can trigger allergic reactions for some and it may even trigger asthma. Mold can make people with sensitive skin break out consistently.

If you have children in the home, mold can affect them worse than it can affect adults. Children’s lungs aren’t as strong. Their immunity isn’t as strong either. Would you really want to put children in harm’s way?

Depending on the type of mold that grows in the home, the risk can be low or quite significant. There are strains of highly toxic mold and if you find that in your home, you can end up ejected until a pro comes in to save the day.

What can a homeowner do?

Build your bathroom with moisture-resistant materials

One of the best things about the world today is the vast improvements on home building materials. No longer are homeowners confined to the same old thing. Other than form, they also provide suitable function.

Bathrooms benefit greatly from non-porous material such as stone or tile. Rubber flooring is also ideal as it is easy to keep clean and it does not absorb water. Other than flooring, the walls, counters, and other fixtures in the bathroom need to be moisture-resistant as well.

There are now additional treatments that double the efficacy of moisture-resistant materials.

Keep your bathroom clean

Being proactive rather than reactive is a good way to keep your bathroom clear of any mold growth. Making use of cleaners that are specifically made to combat mold is great. Just be mindful of the strength of your cleaner. The last thing that you’d want is something too strong.

Be consistent with your cleaning. Try to schedule a weekly cleaning of your bathroom. After all, it takes roughly two days for mold to grow and to start spreading. Having a weekly cleaning schedule is a great way to make sure mold has no chance of spreading after it was started to grow.

Learn From Their Nightmares: Real Advice on Mistakes Made During Home Renovation

Getting your home to a perfect and ideal state is a dream most people have. It takes a lot of planning, funding, and labor. When it’s done just right, the results can be amazing.

When done wrong, the end result can be stupidly disastrous and not to mention dangerous. If you’re wondering why we’re bringing this up is because “disastrous and dangers” is exactly what some people got. I’ll be having a couple of people tell their stories about their own home renovation nightmares. Let’s begin!

Cheap and Deadly

Allison and Brie

“We’re sisters based in LA and we wanted some work done on our fabulous flat. What you can expect from LA is that everything is ridiculous when it comes to pricing. That’s what you expect when you’re in the area where celebs live, right? So we shopped around and we were right—everything was so expensive. That was until we came across a home renovation firm that was way below our expected price.

This meant that we had more money to add to our flat. We honestly thought that it was heaven sent! When everything was said and done, we thought they actually did a kickass job. That was, until we moved in. The place looked gorgeous—on the surface. Since they did work at a criminally low price, it turns out that they cut corners and used low quality materials. Stuff was breaking here and there and it hadn’t even been a month yet! Allison was in the kitchen when the overhead cabinet just fell down with no warning! She was lucky that she wasn’t making tea at the time (which she normally does). Otherwise, she’d have been right under the thing when it fell.

We saved money and got more work done but when we had our dad come in and bring in a good contractor, we were shocked. Everything was going to fail from the ceiling fixtures, to the wall mounted cabinets—everything! It could have been deadly for us. So please, if you’re going to get work done, don’t make a beeline for the cheapest contractor. It just might cost you your life.”

Get your Paperwork


“To be honest, I never thought I’d be making this mistake. I hadn’t even thought about it, really. So I wanted to build my mother a sunroom, she loves the sun but hates the outdoors. Having a sunroom would be the best thing. I convinced her that I could get everything done in like two weeks. It was a fairly easy installation job.

So while I’m in the middle of the first week and my mom’s neighbor comes up. He asks if I’ve got permits for what I’m doing. I figured that it’s not really anything major so I didn’t get any permits. Boy was I w-r-o-n-g!

The neighbor, as it turns out, works for the city. So I ended up having to pay double for all the permits necessary and since that had to be fixed, my mom’s sunroom had to be put on hold. She had that weird gaping hole in her house where the sunroom was supposed to be. It was awful and I hated putting her through that. In hindsight, I should have just done suitable research and filed for the permits. Instead, it cost me time, quite a bit of money, and it was such a huge hassle to my mom. It sucks.”

Home renovation can be a tricky thing but it doesn’t have to be. If you work with the right people or get everything necessary (yes, we’re talking about permits), the experience can be quite magical.

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Ever Wanted to Have a Loft? Here’s how you can Do-It-Yourself!

Doing a loft conversion all by yourself can be challenging, but a very interesting experience at the same time. So we’ve put together a comprehensive guide on how to do it.

Start by doing the layout of your room.

So we put the OSBI slab with a small margin, a little more than tagging. Then tighten around the perimeter of 100 mm or 75 guide profile, which will enter the rack profile support.

No drawing, it is seen that one side of the room is lower than the other. This time set. From it will largely depend on the bedroom area future. This low wall is better to put a sofa, chair, radiator, so that in future no rest head against the ceiling.

Then install the ceiling profile jumper to drywall

Do not forget to mount the mounting frame openings for windows and doors. Before mounting the ceiling profile, a forward on the part of its roof fix tepofol foil and insulation between the roof beams. Then come to this part of the inside of your ceiling is not possible.

After the frame mounting advise to sheathe the humidity inside OSBI resistant. Attach the sheets to be self-tapping screws directly to the metal sheets on the walls and ceiling.


A1 W WRK INT LOFT PRAHA EVROPSKA F FINAL 01 - Ever Wanted to Have a Loft? Here’s how you can Do-It-Yourself!

Later, these lists will be the basis to strengthen them of attic insulation and attach to them the same material you want to furnish your space.

Start to carefully isolate the room

This is a very important part of the work, which depends on how comfortable will continue to stay in this room. The best you insulate the attic room, so will kofortno temperature in your room. I note that Minplita, for example, PAROC concern, very easy to secure the sheets to the OSBI already established from your attic.

I advise you to take the thicker plate. Thick plates 50-150 cm, it is absolutely fireproof. After the insulation installation involves the fourth start of frustrated attic on both sides tepofolom.

Places joints better seal with tape to ensure tightness

Foil tends to reflect both the cold air in winter and hot – in the summer. It will also help maintain a constant temperature in the room. Radiators should of course also install if you stay in the room all year.

After the complete installation of floor plates and OSBI frame you can start decorating. Before you need to do the wiring, respecting all safety rules against fire. Mount MDF or wood. The lower wall of the sofa I sewed rail alder, and the rest, the MDF oblitsevat room. You can apply and drywall, but then have to spend more and paint, putty, paint or wallpaper.

Then set the opening of the finished door, the window, the floor was linoleum or laminate. Do not forget to install the baseboards, trims, and lighting. Another thing I would advise following the MDF layer finishing and wooden rail, if the PF usual lacquer. This prevents the material from dirt and other damage, and easier for you to clean the room.

Your room will be very easy. It would not create an additional burden for walls and slabs. The installation of such areas is very fast and to perform such work need not be a great professional. Given that the room is not the construction of capital, should have no problem with it document.

Here’s a short video from Bristol Loft Conversions…

I also like to add an important point. Sloping roof creates certain problems in the selection of furniture for the attic. But the inclined wall can always place your bed, bedside tables, cabinets, tables and shelves. If the height in the lowest part of your room up to a meter and a half, you can set and wardrobe. But also overload the interior attic not advice as such premises requires space.

Twelve Cool Tips to Save Money on Pool Maintenance

There’s nothing better than having a pool on your backyard. Being able to just put on shorts or a bikini and enjoy sometime swimming on your own pool is a fantastic feeling.

However, not everyone can afford a $20,000 swimming pool, it’s just not feasible for some people. And even for people that can afford it, the initial investment isn’t only money that you’ll spend on your pool. Maintaining the pool is also expensive. There are machinery that require maintenance and repair, the water has to be treated, you usually have to hire a pool cleaning company, and it all adds up…

So we’ve put together a list of 12 tips that you can use to save some money on pool maintenance. Use these 12 and you’ll see yourself saving thousands of dollars in the long-run.

  1. Install a solar heating system.
  2. Install sunlightaround your pool
  3. You should compare prices and servicesseveral contractors before choosing.
  4. See the latest productsand ask if they can be profitable in the future.
  5. When choosing the lighting or the pool heater, make sure it works efficiently.
  6. You can use a pool coverto minimize evaporation and reduce heating costs.
  7. To save power, use the filtration systemof your pool just in time other than peak.
  8. Keep the seasons in mind when using heating equipmentin order to reach the conclusion that it is not necessary to use any heat source during the summer.
  9. If you are absent for more than a week, turn off the pool heater.
  10. If you use the pool only at weekends, reduce the setting of the thermostatand the heater settings in eight to ten degrees during the week.
  11. For maximum filtration and energy efficiency, clean the filter
  12. Save energy and time, buy a larger filter. A higher filter reduces the buildup of pressure, this saves the pool pump. Also will not have to clean the filter as often, thus saving valuable time.

These are our 12 tips that we use regularly to reduce the costs and expenses associated with having a swimming pool. We hope you enjoy them!

Small Firm or Big Firm: A Home Renovation Question

Special thanks to James from Granitestone Renovations for providing his inside with this article. Granitestone Renovation specializes in Basement Renovations in London, Ontario, Bathroom Renovations and Kitchen Renovations.

Small or big firms: Who provides the best in home improvement?

Do think that a skilled tradesman and the general contractor are different? Does is mean that the skilled workers in carpentry, plumbing, or electricity are inferior to a general contractor in the same fields? Well, the answer is that the difference between any skilled worker and a general contractor is that the latter is licensed.

Gets his license

Another approach to these questions is looking at that the general contractor as a skilled tradesman who addressed the question, “Why should I give the biggest portion of my pay to a general contractor yet I could be one?” He gets his license and bingo! The general contractor he becomes.

Started as tradesmen

Well, perhaps there is more to this than just getting a license, but the indisputable fact is that almost all general contractors started as tradesmen or tradeswomen, and then at one time they felt that they wanted to manage their own businesses.


Hiring a tradesman 640x369 - Small Firm or Big Firm: A Home Renovation Question

Project managers

In big construction firms, there are project managers who deal with daily details of various projects. Project managers might or might not be tradesmen but normally do have some skills in business management. A big firm must manage several projects simultaneously in order to meet their expenses.

General contractors who have come up as tradesmen perhaps get one or two projects running at any particular time.

What do such differences imply to you as a property owner? Well, you might be just wondering with no clear picture in your mind.

Great gap

Depending on your personal preferences, the scope and size of your budget and improvement project, the gap between buying the services of a small firm (fundamentally a licensed tradesman cum general contractor) and a bigger construction firm can be great.

Each firm has its own advantages as well as disadvantages.

Have larger capacity

As a rule, bigger firms have larger capacity. They perhaps have skilled workers in all fields on salary. Consequently, when it comes to a given phase of construction or project, such a phase is perhaps going to start and end as scheduled or closer to the schedule.

Smaller companies, on the other hand, who may have a good reputation for performing well usually, have at least one or two salaried tradesmen who are available even at the shortest notice.

Are smaller firms with their small overhead likely to offer lower prices?

Although bigger firms sometimes do have more control on labor costs and materials pricing, generally, it is more likely for a tradesman to offer their services at lower charges, particularly in hard economic times.

The main point is that every time you are planning to have a home improvement project or construction, and you start your search for contractors, meet both small and large companies. Have your needs in mind, contact several prospective companies, small and large, and weigh what is right for you.