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7 Questions You Must Ask a Swimming Pool Contractor Before Hiring Him

Everyone loves having a swimming pool at home, especially for those long summer days when you just need to go for a quick dip to cool down. Building one might be a whole other story altogether, and can be quite stressful. Finding the right contractor is key to getting the pool you’ve always wanted. But how do you go about doing that? With a simple interviewing process, of course!

We’ve got the experience and know exactly what to look for in a professional and reliable swimming pool contractor. In this post, we will take a quick look at standard questions you should ask any and all swimming pool contractors before committing to the one who has to do the job.

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#1 How many years’ experience do you have?

Probably an obvious question but definitely one not to forget to ask. Knowing your contractor’s experience level is very important as this will give you a pretty good idea of their abilities and shortcomings.

Remember, you probably thought long and hard before deciding to build a swimming pool. You probably weighed the pros and cons and considered the fact that it would add some value to your property.

Make sure the swimming pool contractor you hire has enough experience to meet your needs and actually add value to your property (and ultimately daily life). Otherwise, you may end up with an eyesore that no one wants to use, or worse decreases the value of your property!


#2 Do you have references that I can contact?

Your next step is to ask whether the contractor has references that you can call up. Obviously, no reference is a very clear indication that this is not the company you want to go with, at all!

Having a list of contactable references means that the contractor has done his time, has enough experience, and is proud of his accomplishments. It also indicates that there are customers who would want to refer him to someone else.

If you do manage to get a list of references, be sure to give some of the folks a call and hear what they have to say about the contractor. Ask them if they are happy with his work and overall experience in dealing with the company.


#3 Do you have a portfolio I can have a look at?

If it is a smaller company, they might even be able to show you some photos or refer you to former building sites. Larger companies should have a web presence where you will be able to view work completed in leisure.

If however, you are dealing with a single contractor, it wouldn’t hurt to ask to have a look at previous work done. A proud contractor would not have a problem in showing you his previous work. Once you’ve had a look at the portfolio, you should have an idea of his capabilities and whether you want to use him.


#4 What is the timeline for completing the project?

Whether you are building a house, a shed, or a pool, there should be some time frame you have to consider for things being out of place. Also, it would give you an idea of how long you would have to wait for your brand new swimming pool to be complete!

Any swimming pool contractor worth his salt would be able to give you a clear indication of how long it could take to complete building the pool of your dreams. Don’t be shy, just ask! If there is no clear answer, it’s pretty clear that the person is not experienced enough to trust with the job at hand.


#5 Would you include maintenance after the job is completed?

Making sure your new swimming pool could be a full-time responsibility and a headache, especially if you don’t have the time or resources to keep it squeaky clean and perfect.

The majority of contractors out there will most probably include pool maintenance services in their service offering, but we would advise you to make sure that you would be eligible to get the service from the same contractors responsible for building the pool in the first place!


#6 Would the service agreement include a warranty?

One that also may be overlooked is the question of warranties and whether this is included in the contract with the contractors.

Even though it is unlikely that there will be any mishaps after the pool is built, it is always best to think of future mishaps that may happen and that could be as a result of bad workmanship. If the contractor does not offer a warranty, perhaps discuss the possibility of drawing one up, just to protect both parties.


#7 Can you give me a cost estimate?

Probably the question on your lips from the get-go, but best to leave for last. Having a very vivid idea of what the whole ordeal is going to cost at the end of the day, will allow you to plan ahead and draw up a complete budget for this specific purpose.

Knowing exactly what the cost can amount to will also give you an idea of just how much value you have added to your property by installing a swimming pool.

So there you have it! All the important questions to get out of the way before starting on that exciting project of adding a swimming pool to your house. We hope that you’ve found the article helpful and that you will enjoy the summer days, floating around in your very own pool!

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