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Small Firm or Big Firm: A Home Renovation Question

Special thanks to James from Granitestone Renovations for providing his inside with this article. Granitestone Renovation specializes in Basement Renovations in London, Ontario, Bathroom Renovations and Kitchen Renovations.

Small or big firms: Who provides the best in home improvement?

Do think that a skilled tradesman and the general contractor are different? Does is mean that the skilled workers in carpentry, plumbing, or electricity are inferior to a general contractor in the same fields? Well, the answer is that the difference between any skilled worker and a general contractor is that the latter is licensed.

Gets his license

Another approach to these questions is looking at that the general contractor as a skilled tradesman who addressed the question, “Why should I give the biggest portion of my pay to a general contractor yet I could be one?” He gets his license and bingo! The general contractor he becomes.

Started as tradesmen

Well, perhaps there is more to this than just getting a license, but the indisputable fact is that almost all general contractors started as tradesmen or tradeswomen, and then at one time they felt that they wanted to manage their own businesses.


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Project managers

In big construction firms, there are project managers who deal with daily details of various projects. Project managers might or might not be tradesmen but normally do have some skills in business management. A big firm must manage several projects simultaneously in order to meet their expenses.

General contractors who have come up as tradesmen perhaps get one or two projects running at any particular time.

What do such differences imply to you as a property owner? Well, you might be just wondering with no clear picture in your mind.

Great gap

Depending on your personal preferences, the scope and size of your budget and improvement project, the gap between buying the services of a small firm (fundamentally a licensed tradesman cum general contractor) and a bigger construction firm can be great.

Each firm has its own advantages as well as disadvantages.

Have larger capacity

As a rule, bigger firms have larger capacity. They perhaps have skilled workers in all fields on salary. Consequently, when it comes to a given phase of construction or project, such a phase is perhaps going to start and end as scheduled or closer to the schedule.

Smaller companies, on the other hand, who may have a good reputation for performing well usually, have at least one or two salaried tradesmen who are available even at the shortest notice.

Are smaller firms with their small overhead likely to offer lower prices?

Although bigger firms sometimes do have more control on labor costs and materials pricing, generally, it is more likely for a tradesman to offer their services at lower charges, particularly in hard economic times.

The main point is that every time you are planning to have a home improvement project or construction, and you start your search for contractors, meet both small and large companies. Have your needs in mind, contact several prospective companies, small and large, and weigh what is right for you.


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