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Your Burning Questions Answered: How Homeowners Can Truly Benefit From a Public Insurance Adjuster

Homeowners or those who rent homes should consider buying home insurance coverage for their homes or property because you never know when you might need it.

Who is a public insurance adjuster?

A Public adjuster is one who is responsible for appraising and negotiating an insurance claim for a claimant. A public adjuster actually works for you and is licensed to do so and you should get one from your insurer free of charge. The main role is to file your claim to the insurance company and negotiate on your pay so you must have one.

What is covered under home insurance?

There are many types of home insurance policies in Miami that will cater for your needs depending on the amount you are willing to spend. Take for instance HO-4 and HO-6 which cover any losses you may incur on your personal property. It covers damage due to fire or lightning, explosion, theft, smoke, windstorm, aircraft, falling objects, riot, vandalism and weight of snow or ice. Besides, it also covers damage arising from electric fault, water related damage such as leaks due to home utilities and damage by glass. It is important to note that, cover for leaks is only allowed when it is due to sudden disaster leaks not when it occurs often.

What is not covered under home insurance?

Pool injuries

The number of injuries at the pool keeps increasing daily and most insurers shun from covering such. It is advisable to have a strong fence around your pool in order to obtain insurance for it.

Trampoline Injuries
You will find that most companies in Miami do not offer a cover for trampoline injuries or any risk that may arise due to using them. If you must have one, then go for a separate policy.

Stolen or Destroyed Cash
As a precaution, you should never store cash in your home because insurance will not pay you in case it is stolen or lost. A few companies will cover a maximum of $1000 only which might not be enough.

Earthquakes are not covered because it is not likely to occur in most states. It is unfortunate that even if you get an earthquake policy there is a high deductible for it so it is not worth going for.

Dog Attacks
Insurance companies are hesitant to inure some dog breeds so you will find that the breed of dogs insured for varies from one company to another in Miami.

Very few companies will offer a cover for mold and if they do so there is a limit on the amount they can pay. In some cases you can get a cover on your standard policy.


Ideally, you must get a separate policy for a cover on floods regardless of what can cause flood in your home. This is necessary if you leave in an area that experiences flood quite often.

Sewer backup

Few people experience a problem with their sewer that is why most insurance companies do not cover it. On rare occasions your insurance company can cover for this.

Construction Work Damage

You will have to get a builder’s risk insurance for any accidents or damage due to construction work. It is therefore important to hire a licensed contractor.

Can one get water damage restoration from insurance company?

The insurance company will only cover some types of water damage to your home. This will depend on the policy that you decide to buy and limits to your payouts due to such claims. Therefore you can get water damage restoration coverage.
Generally, it is essential to get an insurance cover so that you will not have to worry in case of damage in future.

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