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How Can Solar Panels Save You Tons of Money?

If you live in the Newcastle area then you might think that you cannot save much money on your utility bills with solar power but you would be wrong. Even in the UK, with its less than amazing weather solar can help you save a lot of money.

There are different types of Solar Panels?

The very first thing you need to know is that there are two main different types of solar panel. These are photovoltaic (aka PV) and thermal (sometimes known as hot water).

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Thermal panels can save you money by reducing the energy needed to heat your hot water. They do this by using the warmth from the sun’s light to pre-warm the water that is then fed into your hot water boiler or immersion heater. Obviously as the water is pre-warmed (using free energy) this means you pay less to get the hot water up to the required temperature, so you get more creature comforts and for less cash.

PV panels have two ways they can help you to reduce your energy bills. So if you remember that they use the sun’s light to create electricity. Firstly that power can be used to run appliances in your home and obviously this keeps your energy bills down. Secondly any surplus energy your panels generate that you don’t use for your own domestic needs can be sold back to the energy company for a profit. Now in and around Newcastle you wont get enough sun to make millions, but you will get enough to dramatically reduce the cost of your electricity.

Finally as an additional boost to your pocket, solar panels can add some serious value to the potential sale price of your home. So if you ever chose to sell you will able to make even more cash back on your investment. I don’t know about you but to me, more money is always a good thing!

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