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Real Home Improvement Talk: How Often Should Any Homeowner Clean Their Carpets?

A clean carpet will last longer, look better during its life and prevent contaminants from floating around in the air. Keeping a carpet in good shape between professional cleaning is important to extend the time between cleanings and to keep a clean and healthy home. While professional carpet cleaners, such as Getspotless, Pleasanton’s carpet cleaning company, certainly can be a disruption to the normal household routine, they are also essential.

So how “often” should a carpet be cleaned?

If the homeowner vacuums frequently at least twice a week if not more often, the carpet will remain in better shape between cleanings. In addition taking care of stains immediately and assuring they are completely gone can ensure that a carpet remains fresh between cleanings.

How frequently a carpet should be cleaned in a home depends on several factors such as the amount of traffic the carpeted area receives, how many people are in the home, the types of environmental pollutants in the home and if there are pet present. That is a very long list of variables so this article will break it down further.

A year is the greatest length of recommended time between professional carpet cleanings. However, it works only if the home has only a couple of adults who do not smoke and no pets. If the carpet is maintained well throughout the year, once a year may well be sufficient to clean the carpet and assure its longevity.

What if there are smokers in the house?

With smokers in the house then 9 months is probably a better length of time between professional cleanings. While no one wants to have his or her carpet cleaned unnecessarily, a thorough cleaning may well extend the life of the carpet as well as maintain its appearance.

Most cover creators propose in any event having cleaning done each 12 to year and a half to keep up the guarantee on your rug. And additionally having it cleaned with high temp water extraction. At the same time the measure of times you have your floor covering cleaned truly relies on upon your remarkable circumstance. Some individuals may have pets and some individuals may have kids and pets. These individuals ought to most likely have their floor covering cleaned all the more regularly. At that point there are those that live alone and don’t generally have a ton of activity in their home and won’t have to have their rug as frequently as somebody with pets and kids.

If there is not a lot of traffic in your home have your surfaces cleaned once a year to help your flooring to stay healthy and last a long time. If you have children, have it cleaned once every six months and if you have pets as well, have it cleaned every four months or three times a year. Don’t wait until it starts to show dirt and soiling as this will cause your carpet to wear out faster. Hope you really enjoyed this article see some of our other educational resources.

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