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Ever Wanted to Have a Loft? Here’s how you can Do-It-Yourself!

Doing a loft conversion all by yourself can be challenging, but a very interesting experience at the same time. So we’ve put together a comprehensive guide on how to do it.

Start by doing the layout of your room.

So we put the OSBI slab with a small margin, a little more than tagging. Then tighten around the perimeter of 100 mm or 75 guide profile, which will enter the rack profile support.

No drawing, it is seen that one side of the room is lower than the other. This time set. From it will largely depend on the bedroom area future. This low wall is better to put a sofa, chair, radiator, so that in future no rest head against the ceiling.

Then install the ceiling profile jumper to drywall

Do not forget to mount the mounting frame openings for windows and doors. Before mounting the ceiling profile, a forward on the part of its roof fix tepofol foil and insulation between the roof beams. Then come to this part of the inside of your ceiling is not possible.

After the frame mounting advise to sheathe the humidity inside OSBI resistant. Attach the sheets to be self-tapping screws directly to the metal sheets on the walls and ceiling.


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Later, these lists will be the basis to strengthen them of attic insulation and attach to them the same material you want to furnish your space.

Start to carefully isolate the room

This is a very important part of the work, which depends on how comfortable will continue to stay in this room. The best you insulate the attic room, so will kofortno temperature in your room. I note that Minplita, for example, PAROC concern, very easy to secure the sheets to the OSBI already established from your attic.

I advise you to take the thicker plate. Thick plates 50-150 cm, it is absolutely fireproof. After the insulation installation involves the fourth start of frustrated attic on both sides tepofolom.

Places joints better seal with tape to ensure tightness

Foil tends to reflect both the cold air in winter and hot – in the summer. It will also help maintain a constant temperature in the room. Radiators should of course also install if you stay in the room all year.

After the complete installation of floor plates and OSBI frame you can start decorating. Before you need to do the wiring, respecting all safety rules against fire. Mount MDF or wood. The lower wall of the sofa I sewed rail alder, and the rest, the MDF oblitsevat room. You can apply and drywall, but then have to spend more and paint, putty, paint or wallpaper.

Then set the opening of the finished door, the window, the floor was linoleum or laminate. Do not forget to install the baseboards, trims, and lighting. Another thing I would advise following the MDF layer finishing and wooden rail, if the PF usual lacquer. This prevents the material from dirt and other damage, and easier for you to clean the room.

Your room will be very easy. It would not create an additional burden for walls and slabs. The installation of such areas is very fast and to perform such work need not be a great professional. Given that the room is not the construction of capital, should have no problem with it document.

Here’s a short video from Bristol Loft Conversions…

I also like to add an important point. Sloping roof creates certain problems in the selection of furniture for the attic. But the inclined wall can always place your bed, bedside tables, cabinets, tables and shelves. If the height in the lowest part of your room up to a meter and a half, you can set and wardrobe. But also overload the interior attic not advice as such premises requires space.

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