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Has Hail Damaged Your Roof? Follow These 5 Tips!

If you live in an area where storms are frequent, this is surely a problem you face. For most, hail damages aren’t recognized until there are leaks and cracks into their homes, and the problem has become urgent. So what to do when hail hits your home, and damages your roof? Here are 5 tips for going from finding hail damage roof repair to prevention methods.

1.)  Always understand your insurance policy

In case of damages, you need to know how much you have to pay to cover the costs. Your insurance provider may not pay for all damages caused by hail. The best way to ensure that you are well informed about the policy that you have, contact someone from the insurance company to explain you all the details. It is highly recommended that you are well informed in case you need to take advantage of your home insurance.

2.)  Always check your roof after a storm.

As mentioned it is very often that leaks and cracks are caused as a result of hail, and you definitely don’t want to only realize it when the problem has become immediate. Mind you, just because you can’t see any damages inside your home doesn’t mean your roof isn’t damaged. To avoid visible damages inside your home, such as water stains, or even a complete tear-off of your roof, always be cautious and check your roof after a storm.

3.)  File an insurance claim

Make sure it is within the time guideline required in your homeowner’s insurance policy. You don’t want to lose benefits that you are entitled to now.

4.)  Find your own independent professional opinion.

We all know that when it comes to insurance, they will represent their own interests for the most part. It is highly suggested that you contact a roofing company that you trust, particularly trained in roof hail damage for an independent opinion. In most cases they are willing to provide a free roof inspection and estimate repair costs. This assures that your interests are represented

5.)  Make sure your roofing contractor writes down the repairs necessary and the costs involved along with it

This is because most insurance companies will tend to only issue a check directly to the roofer. They want to make sure the homeowners aren’t keeping the proceeds without repairing damages. In order for them to trust your problem is serious, again, make sure roofer gets it in writing.

Follow these steps and you’re assured to have a much better experience when it comes to roof hail damages. The trick is being preventive and well informed which, in case of emergency, will help you deal with these issues a lot better.

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