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Learn From Their Nightmares: Real Advice on Mistakes Made During Home Renovation

Getting your home to a perfect and ideal state is a dream most people have. It takes a lot of planning, funding, and labor. When it’s done just right, the results can be amazing.

When done wrong, the end result can be stupidly disastrous and not to mention dangerous. If you’re wondering why we’re bringing this up is because “disastrous and dangers” is exactly what some people got. I’ll be having a couple of people tell their stories about their own home renovation nightmares. Let’s begin!

Cheap and Deadly

Allison and Brie

“We’re sisters based in LA and we wanted some work done on our fabulous flat. What you can expect from LA is that everything is ridiculous when it comes to pricing. That’s what you expect when you’re in the area where celebs live, right? So we shopped around and we were right—everything was so expensive. That was until we came across a home renovation firm that was way below our expected price.

This meant that we had more money to add to our flat. We honestly thought that it was heaven sent! When everything was said and done, we thought they actually did a kickass job. That was, until we moved in. The place looked gorgeous—on the surface. Since they did work at a criminally low price, it turns out that they cut corners and used low quality materials. Stuff was breaking here and there and it hadn’t even been a month yet! Allison was in the kitchen when the overhead cabinet just fell down with no warning! She was lucky that she wasn’t making tea at the time (which she normally does). Otherwise, she’d have been right under the thing when it fell.

We saved money and got more work done but when we had our dad come in and bring in a good contractor, we were shocked. Everything was going to fail from the ceiling fixtures, to the wall mounted cabinets—everything! It could have been deadly for us. So please, if you’re going to get work done, don’t make a beeline for the cheapest contractor. It just might cost you your life.”

Get your Paperwork


“To be honest, I never thought I’d be making this mistake. I hadn’t even thought about it, really. So I wanted to build my mother a sunroom, she loves the sun but hates the outdoors. Having a sunroom would be the best thing. I convinced her that I could get everything done in like two weeks. It was a fairly easy installation job.

So while I’m in the middle of the first week and my mom’s neighbor comes up. He asks if I’ve got permits for what I’m doing. I figured that it’s not really anything major so I didn’t get any permits. Boy was I w-r-o-n-g!

The neighbor, as it turns out, works for the city. So I ended up having to pay double for all the permits necessary and since that had to be fixed, my mom’s sunroom had to be put on hold. She had that weird gaping hole in her house where the sunroom was supposed to be. It was awful and I hated putting her through that. In hindsight, I should have just done suitable research and filed for the permits. Instead, it cost me time, quite a bit of money, and it was such a huge hassle to my mom. It sucks.”

Home renovation can be a tricky thing but it doesn’t have to be. If you work with the right people or get everything necessary (yes, we’re talking about permits), the experience can be quite magical.

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