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Make Your Autumn Productive! Easy Home Improvement Projects for You

Autumn is one of my favorite seasons. Everything because a lovely auburn color! Other than tasting your Nth serving of pumpkin pie, there are fairly simple home improvement projects that you can do.

That’s what we’ll be discussing today!

Cleaning out the gutters

Autumn can be kind of chore in the sense that you can expect leaves and twigs to show up on your roof and eventually your gutters. With winter following, it’s important that your gutters are clean and in prime condition.

Make use of a ladder and clear out any gunk you see that can potentially clog up your gutter. You will be certainly happy that you did that before winter (and future leaks) arrives. While you’re up there, check to see if your roof needs some attention too. If you spot any issue, fix them right away. That way you save yourself from winter problems.

Finding and sealing any leaks or holes in the home

It’s important to check your HVAC pipes or tubes. When leaks occur there, mold shortly follows. Check your doors, windows, walls, and the sides of windows. If you spot any small holes, it’s crucial that you plug those up immediately.

Heating can cost a lot of money and you’ll be saving yourself from a giant bill later on. You can make use of caulk or even a weatherstripping to fix any air leaks or holes around doors or windows.

Repainting a small subject

This can be windows or even just your front door. A new color can significantly add to your home’s overall look. Autumn is a great time to get this done as it is not as warm as summer nor as cold and inconvenient as the dead of winter. Spring is often still too cold and the moisture in the air isn’t friendly when it comes to drying paint.

A painting project is something that can help you feel productive in a season where being laid back in the norm.

Address any overgrown lawn issues

When your lawn is overgrown, it serves as an instant invitation for critters to move in and settle before winter comes. Rake any leaves lying around. If you’ve got any herb projects going on, this is a perfect time to harvest the grown ones. It’s a good way to lay in the groundwork for future plant projects.

If you’ve got any trees that really need a trimming, address the ones you can. However, I suggest that if there are major tree trimming spots necessary, don’t put yourself and your property at risk. Call in an expert to help you with tree trimming.

Clean out your carpets

Summer isn’t exactly the best time to clean carpets; neither is winter. So autumn is the best time to get some air into your home to ventilate the carpets. You can even bring them out and shake them out and leave to air out. This is a great way to remove any dirt that’s been clinging on.

Happy cleaning!