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No One Wants Moldy Shorts! How to Keep Your Bathroom Clear of Mold

A lot of homeowners try to make their homes as pleasant as possible. They want everything to be homey and a wonderful place to live in. One of the parts of the house that usually gets extra love is the bathroom. After all, it’s a great place to unwind after a busy day.

What a lot of homeowners may not realize is that they’re not the only ones enjoying the bathroom. When a place gets a lot of moisture and not a lot of ventilation, you end up with mold.

What is mold?

It is an often furry fungus that grows really fast and spreads really far. While mold can be found almost anywhere in a home, the most consistent place is the house bathroom.

Heath Risk

When you get exposed to mold and damp environments, it can seriously affect your health and well-being. Mold usually becomes airborne after a set amount of time. These can end up being inhaled by homeowners and their pets.

While the effects may vary from person to person, over prolonged periods of time, the overall health is indeed affected. It can trigger allergic reactions for some and it may even trigger asthma. Mold can make people with sensitive skin break out consistently.

If you have children in the home, mold can affect them worse than it can affect adults. Children’s lungs aren’t as strong. Their immunity isn’t as strong either. Would you really want to put children in harm’s way?

Depending on the type of mold that grows in the home, the risk can be low or quite significant. There are strains of highly toxic mold and if you find that in your home, you can end up ejected until a pro comes in to save the day.

What can a homeowner do?

Build your bathroom with moisture-resistant materials

One of the best things about the world today is the vast improvements on home building materials. No longer are homeowners confined to the same old thing. Other than form, they also provide suitable function.

Bathrooms benefit greatly from non-porous material such as stone or tile. Rubber flooring is also ideal as it is easy to keep clean and it does not absorb water. Other than flooring, the walls, counters, and other fixtures in the bathroom need to be moisture-resistant as well.

There are now additional treatments that double the efficacy of moisture-resistant materials.

Keep your bathroom clean

Being proactive rather than reactive is a good way to keep your bathroom clear of any mold growth. Making use of cleaners that are specifically made to combat mold is great. Just be mindful of the strength of your cleaner. The last thing that you’d want is something too strong.

Be consistent with your cleaning. Try to schedule a weekly cleaning of your bathroom. After all, it takes roughly two days for mold to grow and to start spreading. Having a weekly cleaning schedule is a great way to make sure mold has no chance of spreading after it was started to grow.