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Thank you for showing interest in writing for Kangaroo Building!

We always appreciate new talent and fresh perspectives on techniques, trends, and styles that dominate the home remodeling and home repair scene.

Who are we looking for?

We’re looking for writers who:

  • Have personal experience with home remodeling

We value the voice of experience. There is nothing quite like having hands-on experience to truly provide a unique perspective on the ups and downs of the entire remodeling or repair process.

  • Presently or previously worked in the field of real estate

We understand that our readers need really good advice. Kangaroo Building values the thoughts and input of professionals in the field of real estate. Real estate specialists have a different view about evaluating homes. This is something that our readers can truly learn from.

  • Are very Creative wordsmiths

Words matter. It wouldn’t matter if your views are astounding and truly helpful if you cannot articulate it appropriately. We would always love to partner with anyone who’s looking to build their writing portfolio.

  • Have extensive knowledge about home repairs

We know that this can be really tricky—and we’ve been at this a while. So if we’re still trying to completely map it out, our readers are too. We’re always looking for valuable tips in this regard. Our readers are too.

  • Have a passion for helping others

Sorting out information about the do’s and don’ts of home repair and remodeling can be a bit challenging. Having someone more experienced and knowledgeable share time-saving and money saving tips can truly make the difference between a successful project and a failed one.

Who will read your work?

Kangaroo Building has a consistent readership of homeowners, future homeowners, DIY home repair and remodeling enthusiasts. Our readers are always on the lookout for advice that they can trust. They appreciate hands-on knowledge and first-hand information. After all, nothing beats the voice of experience when it comes to doing house projects.

If you’re aiming to reach a demographic of people looking into house projects, our readers are exactly that.


We ask that the articles of all our writers are 100{c6d944c1278bdb58367c1606a89f80811b9e2e09f022410dfbf70e95ab9c3515} original and unique. We prefer articles that provide a friendly tone. After all, most readers will be those unfamiliar with the logistics involved in a home project.

If you believe that you’d make a great fit with our website, send us a message and we’d love to consider you.

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